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Private School Satellite Program
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Catholic and Catholic-friendly families who independently home educate their children may enroll in Mantellum Matris Academy as their school of record. A private school satellite program means that member families are "satellite campuses" and parents are "teachers" of MMA. Although MMA is a registered in California, I also enroll families who live in other states. At no time is family information reported to or shared with the State of California.

Course of Study and Graduation Requirements:  MMA publishes a course of study for grades K-12 and credit requirements for high school graduation, but these are guidelines and may be tailored to each individual child. I specialize in customizing courses of study, especially for students who are focused on a particular area of study such as music and the arts.

Personalized Service:  MMA operates as a sole proprietorship and as the sole director, I strive to always personally connect with each and every parent as is needed and as I can. I do not limit consultation or service time. I keep enrollment to a manageable number so you always feel you are part of our extended "family."

All services are included in the full registration and enrollment annual fees and are available to parents at any time throughout the year. As your school principal, do not hesitate to ask me for any other services you may need, at no additional cost.​

Enrollment Options



California Families
PSP Enrollment

Families whose primary residence is in California may enroll to be legally covered by MMA's private school affidavit. You know you are in compliance and your records are maintained in accordance with California law.

Choose from two enrollment options...


California Co-Ops
PSP Enrollment

Families who are members of local Co-Op groups may enroll at a special group rate, provided certain requirements are met.


Please request your password from your group leader to access the Co-Op Enrollment page. If your co-op is not yet a partner with us, please submit the Contact Form and I will schedule an appointment with you to discuss.


Non-California Families
PSP Enrollment

Families whose residence is in a state other than California may fully enroll with MMA as your school of record. I personally work with each family to help you ensure you are in compliance with your own state's homeschool laws and help you meet your requirements. You also receive all the benefits of full enrollment.

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