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New - Full Enrollment

New - Full Enrollment

Annual Family Registration:                         $450.00


Annual Student Tuition for total # of students in Grades PreK-8:


PreK-K                                            0.00

1 student                                        50.00

2 students                                      95.00

3 students                                    135.00

4 students                                    170.00

5+ students                                 200.00


Annual Student Tuition for total # of students in Grade 9-12:


0 students                                       0.00

1 student                                       90.00

2 students                                   175.00

3 students                                   255.00

4 students                                   330.00

5+ students                                400.00

  • Refund Policy

    While pre-registration communication is designed to help you discern whether enrollment in RCA is best for your family, I understand that circumstances may arise after registration that can cause you to choose a different path for your family.

    If you have completed the registration process and submitted full or partial payment, you may request a refund and no further payment will be due on any balance due. Refunds will only be issued per the following:

    1.  You must notify the Director in writing or via email of your decision to withdraw

    2.  Full Refund of payment(s) made will be processed if notification is received by or on July 31st.

    3.  Refund of Tuition fees paid will be processed if notification is received August 1st thru 31st.

    4.  No Refund will be issued if notification is received on or after September 1st.

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