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Why do parents choose MMA?

  • MMA supports parental independence

  • MMA protects privacy & freedoms

  • MMA relieves parents of the stress related to state compliance

  • MMA is your partner in your endeavors

  • MMA does not require testing

  • MMA does not collect work samples

  • MMA does not require monthly check-ins

  • MMA does not require vaccinations


Our program was founded as Regina Caeli Academy in 1994 by Catholic home educating mothers in San Diego County who saw a need to form a community in that area and support like-minded families who also educated their children at home. While these women went on to establish an independent Roman Catholic school locally (still in existence and stronger than ever), they also began a legacy of handing down the directorship of our program to individual Catholic home educating mothers. I am honored to serve as its fourth director and do so without staff or assistance.

In 2014, when I "inherited" RCA, I opened enrollment to families throughout California and by doing so, became the only statewide private school satellite program that supported independent Catholic home educators. I am committed to offering my services in a way that gives parents the ability to put their hard-earned resources toward those for their children instead of toward administrative costs. Continuing upon the legacy of our founders, 2022 saw the launch of my offering this same oversight as a satellite program for families in all states and internationally, helping them navigate their particular state home education laws and reporting requirements.

Due to this expansion of our umbrella services and other important factors, I discerned over many months and made the decision to change our name to Mantellum Matris Academy, a name that now more accurately identifies who we are:

We, parents, have taken up our mantles to cover our families;

under the mantle of Mantellum Matris Academy;

all under the great mantle of Our Blessed Mother, Regina Caeli.

I am committed to continuing the vision of our founders by fulfilling this very real and growing need for support and assistance. Not only are families supported administratively, but we come together to form a community by joining in the common bonds of Faith, vocations as Catholic parents, and support for one another through prayer and mutual encouragement.


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Mantellum Matris Academy exists to support Catholic and Catholic-friendly families in their vocations as the primary educators of their children, in accordance with the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

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Mantellum Matris Academy freely and humbly accepts that parents have the primary right and duty to direct the education of their children, to raise them in our Faith, and to ensure they receive the Sacraments; and thereby supports parents as they strive to form and raise their children in mind, body, and soul, all to the Glory of God the Father.

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Mantellum Matris Academy provides administrative support and counseling services as a private school satellite program in compliance with California state regulations to families whose primary residence is in California; and as the school-of-record, assists similar families in other states in fulfilling their state regulations.

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Mantellum Matris Academy conducts itself as a Christian business in line with Catholic teaching.

Laura Loroña-Kays

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I am entering my eleventh year as the sole director and administrator of Mantellum Matris Academy, a private school satellite program for Catholic home educators, and we recently completed our twenty-third and final year as a homeschooling family.

As a former arts executive, I created many educational programs in the realms of aviation and the arts, and performed professionally as a musician who married a fellow performer and arts executive. Therefore, I well-understand the challenges to parents who incorporate the arts, sports, and other passions into their unique courses of study and life readiness plans for their children. Add into this our focus on incorporating our Faith in all we do...we easily find ourselves well outside the "norm," doing things our way and pushing boundaries wherever we need to when it comes to preparing our children for life through school life discernment, un-standardized testing, college and scholarship applications, job applications, etc.

I have been blessed to share my experiences with the families I serve and pray I may work to give you the confidence, courage, and creativity to help your children in their quest for life after high school and beyond, and most hopefully into Heaven as saints.


​My Experience and Qualifications:


  • 23-year Veteran Catholic Home Educator

  • 11-year Veteran Director of a private school satellite program

  • Speaker on legislative matters related to parental, religious, and educational rights

  • Former Academic Advisor, Kolbe Academy

  • Former Director of Admissions, Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts

  • Former Home & Private School Liaison and Proctor Coordinator, Classic Learning Test

  • Former non-profit museum and arts executive

  • Former Professional musician

                                                     Laura Loroña-Kays

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