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Our Lady of Guadalupe,
                                pray for us!

"All shall be well,

 all shall be well,

         and all manner of

                thing shall be well."

                                -Julian of Norwich

Writing Support
Special Needs Consulting

now offered by Psalm139Life

I am very excited to partner with Psalm139Life to offer Writing Support and Special Needs Consulting to enrolled and non-enrolled families, alike.

Determining a grade for a student's writing assignment can be quite challenging because despite the many rules about writing, grading an essay is still incredibly subjective.

Home educating parents have the additional challenge of trying to critique and grade their own children's papers, wondering if they're being too lax or too harsh.

It is for these reasons and more that Mrs. Celeste Cuellar has partnered with us to now offer these new services to parents and students, under her personal patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

About our Program

Determining a grade for a written assignment can be quite challenging because despite the many rules about grammar and spelling, grading the quality of the writing itself is still incredibly subjective.

I spent over eight years, while working as a homeschool advisor, helping parents learn to evaluate their students’ written work, and teaching students how to successfully write better essays. Reading hundreds of papers over those years impressed upon me the need for evaluations that consider multiple perspectives.

My approach is that all work will have a suggested grade for both content and grammar based on rubrics I’ve created, and there will be an additional grade tailored to the student based on their ability and effort. This allows parents and students to see progress toward meeting objective goals and recognition of the improvement of the student’s work.

While not all students have a gift for writing, I believe they can all learn to be technically proficient and write to the best of their God-given ability.

Writing Support Plans

*Definition of a Semester:

A Semester is considered approximately 20 weeks, either August 15 - January 15 or January 15 - June 15.

**Definition of a Paper:

A "paper" is defined as an essay of five to six paragraphs or less, approximately 1-3 typed double-spaced pages of 12-point font.

***Definition of Turnaround Time:

Turnaround time is up to 5 business days per paper.


My Story  -  Mrs. Celeste Cuellar (QUAY-yar)

Celeste has worked in the field of education and counseling for over 30 years in faith-based organizations. For the past twelve years, she was a Homeschool and Special Needs academic advisor with Kolbe Academy, where she spent much of her time providing essay writing assistance and grading for students and parents.


Prior to Kolbe Academy, Celeste was a PreK-12 teacher, school counselor and administrator, a mental health therapist, and an adjunct college instructor. She has a Bachelor of University Studies with a dual concentration in History and English, and an MA in Counseling.


A convert to Catholicism, Celeste met her husband, Mark, when she worked in Lutheran campus ministry and he was active at the campus Newman Center.


Progam Offerings

Writing Support

Parent Grading Support
Student Writing Development

Special Needs Consulting

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