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Welcome to Mantellum Matris Academy!

I am very happy to welcome your family and grateful that you have chosen Mantellum Matris as your homeschooling "home" for this academic year. 

Please complete your enrollment by following the steps below and be sure to review our Parent/Teacher Handbook, where you'll find detailed information and guidance for many of your questions.

You will now receive my regular emails to parents but if you ever have specific questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me directly at

Regina Caeli, ora pro nobis!

                                                                      Laura Loroña-Kays


Complete your Enrollment


Parent Account

Your login will give you access to the Parents Only area of the website. Here you will find the Handbook, Calendar, Forms and other important resources you will need during your time with MMA.


Enrollment Form

Submit your Enrollment Form immediately. This form also includes your Transfer Authorization form, if you are transferring-in new students.


Course of Study

As soon as you decide on curricula, please submit your Course of Study for each student.

Deadline is August 31st.


1st and 7th Grade students from California must provide the following medical information.
As a private school, I am required to report this
statistical information to the State of California each year. Residents of other states are exempt.

Your information is safe and secure, according to HIPPA laws.
No identifying information is ever reported to the State.



First Grade Medical

Incoming First Graders must have on file:

  • Record of health examinations or waivers

  • Copy of Immunization Card


Please email all copies to me, or let me know if your child is completely unvaccinated.


7th Grade Medical

Incoming 7th Graders must have a copy of their immunization card on file.

Please email a copy to me, or let me know your child is completely unvaccinated.

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